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The unconventional guide to student visa questions

The comprehensive guide to student visa questions

The student visa process might be daunting and visa questions to international students might be tough to some students. Although you are unlikely interviewed for a student visa to New Zealand, you had better prepare. Some students were phoned or emailed by case officers as the latter need further clarification to make a visa decision.

The visa questions focus mainly on several topics:

  • your study plan
  • your choice of school, country
  • student academic, work experience
  • student and/or family financial status
  • your post study plan

The following 27 visa questions are based on some examples of our students. If you were asked different visa questions, please let us know so we can update the guide. Please read carefully the disclaimer before reading the questions & answers.


This sample questionnaire is just EXAMPLES, which may or may not be applicable to a specific person. This article does not promise nor undertake that using these examples will guarantee a successful visa. The article is using Edenz Colleges and its programs for illustration purpose. The author is not an authorised immigration advisor so that the content of the material is not a consulting service to the web readers. The author is not liable for any loss or damage to anyone using this material.

1) What school have you chosen to study in New Zealand?

I have chosen to study at EDENZ Colleges with a course of Diploma in Business Level 7 Leadership and Management strand. The program will commence on Feb 12th, 2017.

2) How did you know about the school?

I did a web research and Edenz Colleges was shown in the search result, or

My friends (who studied or are studying) refer the school to me, or

My agent (name your agent here) recommended me to study at Edenz Colleges

3) Who recommended you to study at EDENZ Colleges? (if you are recommended by the school staff)

Vinh recommended me to study at EDENZ Colleges. He encouraged me to study with EDENZ and he also facilitated with my enrollment documents. He is the marketing manager for Vietnam and Emerging Markets at EDENZ Colleges.

4) What is the name of the CEO/principal of EDENZ Colleges?

Mr Rob Simpson is the CEO of EDENZ Colleges.

5) What is the name of the Academic Manager of EDENZ Colleges?

Mr Nathan Polley is the Academic Manager of EDENZ Colleges.

6) Where are the campuses of the EDENZ Colleges?

EDENZ has three different campuses namely:

  • *85 Airedale Street, Auckland City (main campus)
  • *92 Albert Street, Auckland City and
  • *LIFE Central, 95 Mt. Eden Road, Auckland City

7) What course/programme have you chosen to study?

I have chosen to take up Diploma in Business Level 7 – Leadership and Management strand. The program is a precursor to my goals of becoming a legitimate business enthusiast in “your country”. It also focuses on my specialisation where I am able to take up as my elective for one term.

Prior to the Diploma in Business Level 7, I will study General English or IELTS preparation in 3 months to improve my skills

8) What is the course duration?

The course will run for a year. It will commence on DATE1 and will end on DATE2. Notes: DATE1 & DATE2 are mentioned in the offer of place (“OOP”)

9) What will you do upon completion of the course/programme?

If granted,

  • I plan to pursue further studies in a higher qualification in New Zealand or
  • I will work in NZ for 1 year to apply what I study at school. Then I will go back home to work for “ABC”, the company that I dream of

10) Why have you chosen this course/programme? Can you name all of them?

The bulk of the program is basically learning about Business in the New Zealand context. It has a total of 4 papers in which I can choose 1 as my elective paper. The papers are:

  • Law & Ethics,
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship,
  • Operations, Quality & Risk Management and
  • Leadership & Management.

My elective paper is Leadership & Management

11) Describe at least two papers (subjects) in the course/programme.

Operations, Quality and Risk Management can help me study and comprehend how to manage risk management and quality assurance in New Zealand. Since business studies are a law-oriented field, the program will also let us study subjects relative to those such as Governance, Law and Ethics. The program will also allow us to have an in-depth study of the different laws governing New Zealand and its business policies.

12) How does your chosen course/programme relate to your current work experience AND previous studies?

The Diploma in Business Level 7 is befitting to my previous and current work experiences and scholastic backgrounds because I have been exposed to business management and sales. Studying the management component of this field will enable me to intensify my background in sales and marketing.

13) Can you study the same course/programme in your own country? Why do it in the NZ?

There are no relative programs in Vietnam on the same level with Diploma in Business Level in New Zealand. Most of our 2nd Bachelor program requires us to spend minimum 2 years to complete. In addition to that, the program is more on theoretical than practical

14) When did you complete your degree/diploma formally? What is your highest qualification?

My most recent scholastic record was Sep 2010. I graduated with a bachelor degree in finance and accounting.

15) If you have graduated from a university, why do you still want to pursue your studies overseas?

As you might know that it costs me 1 to 2 years to study subjects that are not relevant to the job demand. The second reason is strong competition from graduates from foreign countries. I am not able to compete with them, given their international experience, language capability. In addition to that, I want to pursue studies overseas to expand my career in the business context. I believe that I can get this objective by enrolling at EDENZ Colleges.

16) How much fee did you pay or will pay to EDENZ Colleges?

Based on the invoice sent to me by EDENZ, I will be paying NZ$ xxxx all in all.

17) Has any of your family studied this course/programme before? Has any of your family studied overseas before?

If granted, I will, fortunately, be the very first in my family (and lineage) to study overseas.

18) Do you hope to bring any dependents with you?

At the moment, I do not intend to bring any dependent with me

19) How are you going to fund your studies in the NZ? What evidence can you provide?

  • I will be utilising my savings from my employment income since I started working in July 2007. You may refer to the bank certifications I have submitted together with the other documents in your office
  • My parents undertake to pay all my tuition and living expenses for the whole duration of my program
  • I have monthly income from my house lease contract which generates 1500 USD per month

20) How will your chosen course/programme help you in the future?

The diploma will definitely help me get auspicious employment in New Zealand granted that I finish the said program successfully.

21) Do you think the sacrifices studying in NZ are worthwhile to you and your family?

This is not a sacrifice. That is an investment. The investment that I made and will be experiencing will definitely be worth to me and my family. This is an amazing opportunity for me to begin with.

22) Have you paid anyone to assist you with your visa application? If so, how much?

I have my agent to walk me through my visa documents and processing (give the name of the agent)

23) Have you previously been refused a visa for entry to any country, If yes, what were the reasons?

No, I didn’t experience having been refused a visa.

24) What is your current occupation? How long have you had this job (if any)? What evidence can you produce of your work experience?

At present, I am a document controller at ABC, a Japanese Corporation. It is located in abc City.

25) Are you aware of the very limited right to work in the NZ?

Yes, sir, I am fully aware of this very limited right to work in New Zealand and I understand this policy.

26) What will you do if while studying you were not able to find a job to supplement your financial needs?

As you can see in the evidence of fund, I have sufficient fund to live in NZ during my entire program. I will ensure that my savings will suffice my basic needs for me to fulfil the enrolled program.

27) What will you do if, upon completion of the course, no job is available for you in NZ?

If such case happens, I will still pursue further studies if granted and if financially able. If anything else, I will humbly return my country and continue to work.