Chi Ton

Vietnamese teacher’s Lovely story: Chi Ton at TESOL Academy

Chi Ton story at Tesol Academy

Chi Ton is from Vietnam. Prior to her intensive Trinity certificate, she was a teacher of English. She is pursuing her Diploma in TESOL at EDENZ Colleges

The Certificate course in TESOL at EDENZ has exceeded my expectations. The coursework deepened my understanding of many components of communicative teaching that I thought I knew and also exposed me to many things I was completely unaware of.

I really enjoyed the course and certainly learned a great deal. I learned

  • what communicative teaching really is,
  • how to plan my White Board professionally,
  • how important it is to manage my time well when I teach and so on.

I also had the chance to teach classes with students from many different countries. The course is really practical and helpful. It was amazing to spend 5 weeks doing the intensive course with many good friends and great teachers. After five weeks studying intensively, we all looked like zombies, but we were happy zombies.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this Certificate Course (The Trinity CertTESOL )

Chi Ton and classmates
Second from the left

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