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IELTS Preparation: Top 8 Best Websites for your maximum score

Ielts preparation resources

Studying abroad requires a certain IELTS score and IELTS preparation class is the most preferred choice. However, if you wish to prepare for an IELTS test and do not have much time to attend class, I strongly recommend that you read online resources for the exam preparation and start practising on your own as soon as possible.

Apply this management model into your IELTS preparation to achieve the highest possible score

Plan – Do – Check – Act

  • Plan your daily practice activities up to your testing date and work your plan
  • Do: indulge & immerse to English environment as much as possible (watch Netflix, Youtube, Allen Show…). Practise the testing materials (Cambridge IELTS sample tests as much as possible.
  • Check your mock result, review the tapescript, materials to find what worked, what didn’t work
  • Act accordingly. Redo the part(s) that you are not comfortable with

If you can, go to an IELTS preparation course. If not, the following top 8 websites would help you prepare for the IELTS exam

1) British Council

This is the first & foremost website you need to check in regularly. BC website has a huge selection of resources for students learning English. There are videos from past IELTS students who scored high marks on the exam, giving practical tips on how to prepare. You can find online games to learn new vocabulary and grammar in fun ways. There are podcasts and magazines for English learners. Even there is a section of English for work reasons.

2) EngVid

EngVid is my favourite website providing hundreds of free videos to help you improve English vocabulary, grammar, writing technics. It’s an excellent resource, especially for getting used to the sounds of new words and making sure you get the pronunciation right. There is also an EngVid youtube channel for you to subscribe

3) IELTS for Free

Are you looking for improving 4 English skills? This Ielts for free website has a huge library of past papers and example exams. There are also plenty of additional resources to help you improve your grammar and learn new vocabulary, too.

4) IELTS Liz

Liz is a popular English teacher who has created dozens of excellent videos for IELTS students. Her video lessons cover all 4 IELTS tasks. The IELTS lessons are friendly and informative.  She also offers some other general tips and advice for the IELTS exam and she covers IELTS vocabulary too

As an experienced teacher, Liz even covers some areas such as how to greet the examiner. These tips are not covered by other teachers. Her youtube channel is

5) IELTS-Simon

If you want to know what your test writers and/or your examiners think, you can visit IELTS Simon. The web author is an IELTS examiner and provides plenty of free resources, including practise questions, advice on how to tackle each question and explanations of how each part of the test is graded.

It’s very clear and detailed. This is a fantastic opportunity to find out exactly how your examiner will decide what band to give you!


This is the official IELTS Exam site and it’s an awesome place to familiarize yourself with how the exam works. There is a ton of useful practical IELTS exam information here: general info on the IELTS exam format, how to register, where to find an IELTS test centre, sample IELTS exam questions and tips on preparing for the exam.

You can follow its fan page to learn new quizzes, tips and get up-to-date information. Certainly, you can interact with other learners as well

7) DCIelts

DCielts is run by an IELTS teacher. The advice offered here comes from people who really know about IELTS success! The website is updated daily with ‘IELTS Lesson of the day’. It offers a generous amount of free information and study materials: sample exam questions and papers, model answers, and lots of IELTS Exam tips.

8) IELTS Buddy

It is easy to focus on IELTS skills, technique and exam practice and forget that vocabulary and grammar are important for IELTS too. IELTS Buddy is a great site which focuses on these important areas.

The informative section on Vocabulary and Grammar is useful for the IELTS Exam, with academic wordlists (to make your essays shine!) and grammatical structures appropriate to the writing tasks.

IELTS Buddy also offers more of the useful IELTS resources as the sites mentioned above: information on the exam format, sample exam questions and papers, downloadable materials.

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